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Zhejiang Kinglyuan Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.Zhejiang Kinglyuan Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. is located in Hangzhou Bay, which was said that “Up above there is Paradise, down here there is Suzhou and Hangzhou”, in Zhejiang Province. Here are beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and good geographical environment. We have a total area of 160,000 square meters, a total asset of RMB 260 million and a total staff of 560, 22 of whom have senior title of technical post and 62% of whom have medium grade title of technical post and related technical background. We have branch companies of Kinglyuan Research and Development Center, Shangyu Shengda Biochemical Company Limited and Zhejiang Newgen Pharmaceutical Distribution Company. After more than ten-year development, the Company has become an all-around pharmaceutical enterprise which combines research & development, manufacturing, distribution and service into one.

Across the Company’s foundation, Kinglyuan insists on the tenet that “We care for the human health, and we keep our promise” and set up the corporate culture of “Cooperation, Efficiency, Enterprise, and Eminence”. We also insist on “People foremost, Technology first” and explore the market with top-ranking products and brands.

Facing the challenges of economy globalization and knowledge-based economy, Kinglyuan is renewing managing ideas, innovating managing methods and renovating managing measures. Kinglyuan insists on “People foremost”, develops team spirit and controls the product quality completely. Being market-oriented, Kinglyuan also pays attention to the market, expand and perfect the sales network, and break into the domestic and foreign market.

“We care for people’s healthcare, and we keep our promise forever”. In the following development, We, Kinglyuan, will make it our business to care for and protect the human health. We are looking forward to the domestic and foreign partners honestly and developing new products and market to achieve mutual benefit, development and glory.

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